Munga Tunda Djo



Penda (Short Film):

To live in exile is an almost normal thing nowadays. The human being acquired a mobility without precedent, which allows him to evolve from a day to another in the middle of a completely different culture.

Often, we, the black people, are coming to seek a second breath in the West. Plugged by fires of modernization and the progressist and peaceful image of the dominant white people diffused through the planet, we run in order to create our touch of paradise.

Very quickly, one is confronted with an unknown glance, and, especially has to face an abstract image of ourselves. Sometimes that goes further and the concept is created at the expense of reality.

It is at this stage that the story of "PENDA" starts. An exiled black young woman, locked up in a "concept", is invaded by images. Like a resistance of the memory, her roots murmur a revolution and recreate an image which pushes her to react.

Munga Tunda Djo

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