Kadiatou Konaté



Kadiatou Konaté was born in Bamako, Mali. Studied at the Univeristy in Dakar, started her carieer with the production of the film "Yeelen" (Souleymane Cisse) in 1985. After sevreal productions between 1988-1989, she directed two Animations Film in1993: "Enfant et la circulation routière" and "L´Enfant et l´hygiène corporelle". In 1994 she directed L´Enfant terrible (The Terrible Child)" in co-production with the Atelier Graphoui, Belgium. Documetary films followed, such as "Femmes et Dèveloppement" (1995) and "Un mineur en milieu carcèral" (1997).



The terrible Child (Click here for short movie)

The terrible Child: This is the story of a child who knew how to walk, talk and eat from the day he was born. After a couple of days, he sets out in search of his brother. He finds him and together, they continue their journey. What follows is the adventure of an ungrateful child involving his brother in his exploits and misdeeds. This story is told in the moonlight to the children all over Africa.

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