Vincent Glès

Ivory Coast / Canada


Vincent Gles was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. After working at the state-owned television, where he was hired as a film and video director, he moved on to Paris. He attended film study lessons at the "Institut des Arts Appliqués". He then worked for the Assedic, a social organization, where he was a film consultant. He arrived in North America 1981 to pursue his film studies at the "Université de Montréal". He directed in 1982 the award-winning documentary "La Saint-Jean en Cote d'Ivoire". Founder of "Les Productions du Griot", 1993. Teaches the techiques of animation cinema.


"The Succession" (Animation Film)

The "Pearlwifans" are ruled by a venerated king, who has two sons. He feels he is getting too old and decides that he must step down. Among the "Pearlwifans" one cannot become king by lineage alone nor by simple nomination. To earn the right to the throne, the sons must submit to a test, the test of Wisdom, as decided by the Grand Council of the Sages. One of the sons must conquer the dragon that guards the sacred tree and bring back the Golden Nugget ...


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