Exhibition of Contemporary Media Art from Africa


Museum of Ethnology, Vienna
Kunsthalle Krems, Austria

June to October 1998

Concept, Curator:
Davis O. Nejo

This exhibition presents the work of African contemporary artists using electronic and other technology-driven
new media from Africa. It offers a different view of Africa ("Africa-update"), and provides a deeper insight into
the diversity and intricacy that characterizes the continent and its people at the end of the twentieth century.

Over the past decade the world has gradually acquainted itself with the visual arts coming out of Africa, much
of which has little to do with the classical traditions which many people are used to. As museums, galleries,
fairs and other institutions are mounting exhibitions and workshops, the literature on these artists and their
works is growing.

Afromedi@rt´s notion is to open a new dimension of African art and reflexions, and thus enhance a better understanding. We hope to create more awareness and instigate discussions. We want to support artists, organisations and the Media industry in Africa by presenting, exhibiting, documenting, collecting and storing information on the latest developments of African Media Art.

This ground-breaking exhibition has been the first of its kind and it will continue, baucause it is unique in that it
brings together Africans from all parts of the continent and across the different nations and races of which it is
made up. It unites those artists who live and work in Africa with those in the Diaspora, offering us a more holistic
view of the cultural diversitiy of the continent.

Comprehensive and well chosen, it has created a new understanding of what Africans are doing and how familiar
they are with our world as a global village. All works also reveal the close attachment that the artists have with
their own cultures and heritage, and how this heritage influences their work and brings a different and uniquely African element to contemporary visual culture. We present art works in the field of laser disc projections, video installations, digital images, sound installations, web design, cyber art, vitual reality, film- and computer-anima-
tions, avantgarde/short/trick films, voodoo-tv, lomography, carbongraphie, artistical commercials, etc. "Afromedi@rt" was presented in Vienna, Krems and Montreal.

Participating Artists:

Oladele Bamgboye (Nigeria/UK)

Folake Shoga (Nigeria/UK)

Gordon Bleach (Zimbabwe/USA)

William Kentridge (South Africa)

Acha Debela (Ethiopia/USA)

Kadiatou Konaté (Mali)

Cilia Sawadogo (BF/Canada)

Vincent Gles (Ivory Coast/Canada)

Owell ALbert Brown (Ivory Coast/France

Ben Diogaye Beye (Senegal)

Aline Moens (Senegal/Benin)

Munga Tunda Djo (Kongo)

Jean Odoutan (Benin/France)

Frederic B. Kaboré (Burkina Faso)

Raissa Bigen Dako (Burundi)