Exhibition "DIALOGUE"

by Davis O. Nejo and Gue Schmidt

DIALOGUE is more important today than ever: dialogue of cultures, between countries and religions. With the support of the Cultural Office of the City of Vienna, the Collecting Society of Artists, Cross Cultural Communication and MAG3 , two artists who are dealing with this subject are presenting their works in a co-exhibition:

DAVIS O. NEJO from Africa: digital photography and video installation and GUE SCHMIDT from Austria: painting/installation

The different artistic approaches of O. Nejo and Schmidt might be stipulated by their origins, however in this case the staged encounter of these two different personalities does not only demand a common subject but also establishes the basis for a dialogue which can/will lead to a visualization of elementary analogies in cultural forms of production and reception. Davis O. Nejo´s medial starting point is photography where he tries to represent visual compositions in form of layerings. The visual forms extracted from digital photography are subjected to a subsequent treatment, expressing visual but also social aspects - a mirror of the African soul in Vienna. Gue Schmidt uses similar principles for his experimental set-up, though with the use of only one visual work. This work, which was originally created by the medium of painting, is being deconstructed, one could almost say returned to its original constituent parts.

At first view Davis O. Nejo uses more recent, Schmidt more archaic technology, or is Schmidt only more African than Nejo and Nejo more European than Schmidt?

Opening remarks by: Prof. Wolfgang Denk
Exhibition dates: 18.09. - 02.10.2009/ Mon. - Fri. / 1p.m - 6p.m
ARTEFAKT 1st district, Strauchgasse 2 (Palais Ferstel), Vienna