African Dance Workshop
African Dance Workshop

Susanne Wenger Foundation
Susanne Wenger Foundation

Yemi D. Prince
Yemi D. Prince

Kunle Sipebi
Kunle Sipebi


Sheitani Figur
Sheitani Figur

Recycling Art
Recycling Art

2016 - 2017: Supporting
African Artists

Vienna: African Dance Workshop

Cross Cutlural Communication invites interested dancers, performers and actors to participte in a workshop on African Dance, including choreography, non-verbal communication and technics for African dance theater performances, offered by professional Choreographers and dancers.
Duration: 3 months, 1-2 times a week
Location: Vienna
Cost: 100,-/month


Krems: Susanne Wenger Foundation

We are currently presenting African artworks at the Susanne Wenger Foundation in Krems, Lower Austria.
Please, visit their website! Susanne Wenger Foundation

Haben Sie Lust sich und/oder Ihr zu Hause mit afrikanischer Handwerkskunst zu schmücken? Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihren Besuch in der Susanne Wenger Foundation!

Susanne Wenger Foundation, Kunstmeile Krems

African Literature

The Birth of a Child in a Fishing Boat by Yemi D. Prince is redolent with creativity, weaving folklore and faith into literary and historical memoir. It is a brilliant synthesis of collective historiography and personal autobiography. While dense with episodes of the author's fascinating life in literature, Yoruba worldview sits at its heart, and spiritual, folkloric, creative and literary philosophies provide the text its backbone. Yoruba identity is disclosed convivial and shared. This is expansive knowledge and excitement. (ISBN 9789956763146)

Nigeria: Kunle Sipebi

Kunle Sipebi is an artist from Osogbo, Oshun State, Nigeria. He is specialized in Batik wearing and wall hanging, water color painting on paper and canvass, oil painting on paper and canvass and relief painting. Sipebi is also an expert in Ghanian Tie and a Dye.
In 1977 he came in contact with Prof. Ademola Onibonokuta, a master of arts. In 1991 Kunle Sipebi established the Ancient Arts Gallery in Osogbo and later the Abalaye Cultural troupe in 1993. He presented his works in numerous Arts exhibitions and international trade fairs.

Angola: Colonial figures / Kolonialfiguren

The wooden figures in colonial style are available in different sizes, from 40cm to 2,20 m. Each of it is a unique artwork.

Die Figuren im Kolonialstil sind Einzelstücke und werden in verschiedenen Größen, von 40cm bis 2,20m, angefertigt. Jedes dieser Kunstwerke repräsentiert eine Charaktereigenschaft der dargestellten Figur.

Mozambique: Sheitani Figuren/Sheitani figures

The Sheitani figures represent the Mythology of East Africa and are a symbol of the connection to the world of spirits.

Die Sheitani Figuren stellen Fabelwesen der Mythologie Ostafrikas dar und zeigen die Verbundenheit zur Geisterwelt..

Senegal: Recycling Art

During the project "Recycling Art", presented by CCC at Ars Electronica Festival, young artists from Senegal create objects out of tincans, such as cars, bikes, mirrors, boxes, etc.

Im Rahmen des Projektes "Recycling Art", das beim Ars Electronica Festival von CCC präsentiert wurde, fertigen junge Künstler im Senegal aus Metalldosen Objekte des Alltags der afrikanischen Großstadt an: Autos, Fahrräder, Mopeds, Spiegel, Kisten, etc.

Malawi: Guitars by Patron Mushamuka

In Dzaleeka Refugee Camp in Malawi, Patron Mushamuka produces hand made guitars.

Im Dzaleeka Refugee Camp in Malawi produziert Patron Mushamuka handgemachte Gitarren.

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If you want to support one of these artists, please contact us or the artist directly.

If you know any artist who needs our support please contact us.